Sarsen Consulting


Sarsen Consulting was started in 1996 by William 'Chip' Ledford, Duane Knauf, and Steven Reid, all long-time colleagues.  They had grown dissatisfied with the lack of formal engineering discipline applied to software development and related activities during their years as management consultants.  

How, they asked, could the Empire State Building be erected in 444 days, when a simple systems interface could take months -- and still be over budget and disappoint the client?   Shouldn't the same project management, change control, architecture, and peer review skills be brought to bear on such expensive undertakings? Of course.  And yet each development shop that they had encountered (virtually every major consulting firm included) would simply 'wing' their efforts.  


Because they could.  And still get paid.  And still be in demand.

Systems Development work is complex and painstaking; it has no smell, feel, or taste, and the client never quite knows (until their 80% through their budget) whether they've bought the business-changing application for which they signed -- or the lemon stand.  This is especially true if the client is not very tech-savvy.  Yet because the market for skilled developers is so tight, the temptation to shortcut solutions and overcharge clients is severe. 

So, what makes Sarsen different?  

We're not out to conquer the world, or get the most clients, or charge the highest rates.  Believe it or not, we enjoy the work, and the real rewards with knowing a job is done right -- and our client is satisfied.   No heavy sales pitch, no pie-in-the sky solutions.  Simply pragmatic, proven solutions in a fair, open, and honest relationship with the client.  

We didn't invent or pioneer any of the services we provide -- we simply feel we perform them better than most.  We're honest (some say almost to a fault), skilled, and hardworking. A simple formula with consistently outstanding results. Check with any of our previous clients... we're confident you'll receive glowing feedback.