Sarsen Consulting

Technological innovation is the foundation of corporate change and economic growth. Our clients know that to succeed, they must understand and employ rapidly shifting technologies and strategies. However, managing information technology projects and strategy remains a monumental task. For every technological promise, there is a pitfall. In fact, two-thirds of all IT projects fail to meet cost, quality or schedule objectives.  

The challenge is to prevent your latest solution from becoming your next problem.

That's why, at Sarsen, we direct all of our projects under our integrated development framework, SarsenWorks.  SarsenWorks is based on the Rational Unified Process, the leading software engineering process.  While the Rational Unified Process is very thorough and robust, the key to successfully implementing it is to know how and when to use its different components.  Sarsen assesses each client's development needs and, based on its experience and the SarsenWorks knowledgebase, selects the processes and tools required for an effective development approach.


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