Sarsen Consulting

Electronic business. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to supercharge every business process and relationship you rely upon. To anticipate your future and to build an organization so responsive, it can handle any future.  Now is the time to understand electronic business: its strategies, solutions, next-generation business practices, and above all, its implications.


Sarsen staff are experienced in all phases of the systems development lifecycle. Our experienced consultants help to shape your concepts and bring them to life in the form of feasible, financially sound, and practical systems solutions. We'll lead your projects from inception to acceptance while transferring much of our skills to you. And in so doing, special emphasis will be placed -- not on leading edge technologies -- but on the disciplined and flexible management techniques required to construct and maintain complex, large-scale information systems.

This focus allows us to proactively manage risks to scope, costs, and quality. Throughout, we maintain a strict eye on the single most important factor -- delivering financial benefits to your business. 

The services explained here are rarely applied individually. Usually, they are brought to bear in cross-discipline combinations, as embodied in our SarsenWorks project management approach.

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