Sarsen Consulting

Your systems development team reports that your long-awaited application is ready for deployment.  Time to celebrate, right?  Not so fast.  Have you thought through the implications to your end users?  Who do they call if they notice the system is down.  Better yet, are you sure you'll know your system is down before they do?  And what about changes; how will they be managed and controlled?  Where's the source code?  Who's supporting your application 24x7?  The questions go on and on.

Sarsen's OpReady services mitigate all concerns related to business- and operations- readiness. We've been involved in deployments of a global scale, and have the bruises to show for it.  We know what's required -- today -- for the inevitable -- tomorrow.  We'll address all planning, documentation and training required to address ongoing:

  • Configuration Management/Change Control

  • Database Administration

  • Network Management/Operations

  • Facilities Management

  • Systems Monitoring/Telemetry

  • Continuity of Business/High Availability

  • Customer Support/Help Desk

This includes the tools, processes, and skills required to make your application launch a success, and ensure no premature crash landing.

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